Child Watch is a daily program that provides care for children 6wks-10 years of age while parents remain onsite at the Y. This is a complimentary service for Y members to encourage participation in classes and to assist them on their health journey. Non members may utilize this benefit for a fee of $2 per child. To ensure this service is available to all children we do have a two hour time limit.

Stay and Play isn’t just about providing care; however, we focus on providing activities that are physically and mentally stimulating. Each day we strive to show kids what they can achieve and provide new experiences.


Child Watch Room
Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-6pm

Program Details

Comfort Level: Caregivers will do their best to comfort children who become sad or uncomfortable, however, parents will be retrieved after long periods of distress.  Not all children are ready for 2 hour visits. 

Please supply diapers, wipes, and change of clothing. We ask that children do not bring in food. We welcome water in labeled containers with a lid. If you have an infant, we would be happy to feed them milk/formula provided by parents.

Sign In & Out: Parent that drops off must be parent that picks up.  Parents will need to provide an estimated location in the building and current cell phone number.  

Illness: If your child has had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 24 hours, we ask that they refrain from joining the program.  Children must be fever free without the use of fever reducing medicine (Tylenol or Motrin).   If your child is too sick for school, they are too sick for Stay & Play.  Please do not bring your child to the program with symptoms of illness, including but not limited to: fever, sore throat, rash, heavy nasal discharge, headache, constant cough, abdominal pain, vomiting, lice or nits.  

Proactive Guidance: All caregivers have been trained to proactively scan the areas to identify any social needs.  Whether it be learning to share toys, negotiating tricky personalities, our caregivers are equipped to model, teach and affirm positive and appropriate behaviors in the children.  

Donating Supplies: The Y is all about Social Responsibility.  We welcome any new or gently used items. We cannot accept any items that are plush, or with tiny pieces.