Reserve the YMCA for your next birthday party, reunion, or after prom, etc... Let us host your next event!

All reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance from event date. To place a reservation request, you can email our Engagement Specialist, Kayla Chapin, at k.chapin@ccfymca.net.

Parties must be paid for in advance to hold reservations. Parties are expected to arrive and depart at their scheduled times. (You can begin setup 30 minutes prior. Please let the Engagement Specialist know this is a request for your reservation.)

Basic Package:

  • $80.00 Members / $100.00 Non-Members
  • 2 Hours in Party Room
  • 35 person guest limit
  • Tables and chairs provided

Deluxe package:

  • $125.00 Members / $150.00 Non-Members
  • 2 Hours: 1st hour in pool, 2nd hour in party room!
    • 20 swimmers per 1 lifeguard
  • 40 person guest limit
  • Tables and chairs provided

Extra Expenses:

  • After hours party-$75.00 added to total
  • Private use of pool-$40.00 added to total
  • Added lifeguard-$20.00 added to total
  • Added hour(s)-$20.00 per hour added to total