Care is available for children who attend Clinton Prairie Elementary, Blue Ridge Elementary, Green Meadows Elementary, or Suncrest Elementary Schools before and after school. Care begins at 6:00 AM and children attending before school care will be transported by YMCA staff to their respective school. In the afternoon, children will be picked up at their school by YMCA staff and transported to the YMCA for parents to pick up their children by 6:00 PM. Children attending the program will receive a snack before and after school.

Program Fees:
$35 Registration Fee Full-Time
Member/Non Member
Member/Non Member
 Before School $60/$70    
 After School $60/$70    
 Both $75/$85 $120/$140  
School Breaks, Early Dissmissal, Delays, and Closures

At the Y, we understand that parents and guardians still have to work when school is out. We have care available for school age children for breaks, delays, and closures at the Y. Here is how it works:

Weather Related Early Dissmissal or Delay
  • We do not provide care in the event of an early dismissal 
  • In the event that school as a delay, children are provided with breakfast and a ride to school
School Break Camps
  • Available during Spring Break, Christmas Break, Fall Break, and Summer Break
  • Snacks and meals are provided
  • Registration is required 2 week before the start of break
  • The cost for members is $106 per week and $132 for non members per week

Please contact Lisa Bunch by calling the YMCA at 765-654-9622 or emailing her at